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Modular Fiberglass - Equipment Enclosure

Posted by Adriana Lorenzi on

Modular Fiberglass - Equipment Enclosure

A Case Study TURNSTILES US was contacted by a large testing company regarding a need in one of their new laboratories. The new test facility required water to be sprayed throughout the lab. Modifications had to be made in the area to protect the existing electrical transformers, panel box and wiring from being exposed to constant splashing water. The client required a cover that was moisture proof, fitted and installed quickly and easily.

The TURNSTILES US solution went directly to the lab, took measurements and then designed the cover to solve the issue. Our moisture proof, non-corrosive enclosure provided protection as well as allowing access to the equipment. We manufactured the enclosure with five modular fiberglass components. It was easily assembled on site in one day with a fiberglass man door, mounted lighting and exhaust fan with reverse thermostat.

TURNSTILES US’s prefabricated modular buildings and enclosures will not rust, rot or corrode in the presence of even the most corrosive material. We provide a superior product, service and we can provide a wide variety of designs & sizes. Our technical personnel can work with design engineers to provide 3D Auto CAD drawings & engineering specifications.

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