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Modular Fiberglass - Equipment Enclosure

Posted by Adriana Lorenzi on

Modular Fiberglass - Equipment Enclosure

Turnstiles.US understands that turnstiles and controlled access points are important for business. To protect your employees, your assets, and your business, sometimes you need to limit or control access to your building, job site, or event. We provide turnstile security systems and controlled access systems which include waist height turnstiles, full height turnstiles, parking access control devices, security gates for events, office lobby turnstiles, portable turnstiles, gates, doors, and turnstile repair or replacement parts. When you’re looking for a quality turnstile for sale, Turnstiles.US offers a full range of turnstile gate, swing arm, drop arm, and optical style systems for all your security needs.


Technology: For high quality turnstile gate monitoring and access control, we provide EntraPASS security management software. EntraPASS is highly flexible and easily expandable for every application. It can be integrated with various types of devices as necessary.


Our Work: Turnstiles.US focuses on the needs of our clients. Our vast experience with a variety of installation types gives us a tremendous working knowledge of available technology. We work with the customer’s IT, Facility, and Security Management teams to arrive at the best possible solution for each unique installation of our turnstile security systems.

Our engineers
 understand the need for properly installed and durable high tech security systems, and we guarantee our service will satisfy. Our continued growth is due to our product knowledge and attention to detail. In addition to high quality products, Turnstiles.US provides the highest quality engineering, AutoCAD drafting, documentation, warranty, maintenance, and remote desktop assistance.


Our turnstiles allow you to monitor entry and exit of each individual, compile traffic statistics, and limit access where necessary. We provide an extra level of security that can protect your business from loss or physical threats. Established in 1989, Turnstiles.US has provided top quality integrated, high-tech pedestrian and vehicle access security systems, loss control products, and design services for prisons, airports, construction sites, offices, agencies, schools, amusement parks, military installations, and countless other applications for over three decades.

At Turnstiles.US, our business is securing the U.S.. and the globe. Sign up for our newsletter, check us out on Facebook, or contact us by phone at (303) 670-1099 to learn more.



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