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Introducing turnstiles 114 years ago

Posted by Adriana Lorenzi on

Introducing turnstiles 114 years ago


Around 40,000,000 tickets, which at a rate of $ 2,000 to print, would amount to $ 80,000.

The live ticket sellers have been fully tested in previous exhibitions, and what they can do and how they will act, is well known.

Now the new slot machines are tested to determine if, through them, can not be largely terminated from the ATMs. Several inventors are working on machines that they hope to bring to such a degree of perfection that they will do the work of a man; Do it accurately and eliminate the possibility of dishonesty, which characteristic has been a thorn in the side of admission departments of previous exhibitions.

Slot machines, whether designed to admit visitors to the land by simply inserting a coin or built to automatically sell tickets, are considered in the light of modern business and more. In accordance with the general purpose of the Exhibition. respect.

The defenders of the 'machines claim, for the many additional advantages. The main one is the economy. They reduce the "necessary strength" of the clergy to eliminate the cost of the big problems of "publicized tickets, serve, speed up admissions" and "are not susceptible to bribery or corruption."


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