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Turnstile Canopy Infrared SINGLE/DOUBLE Heater

  • $729.00

Turnstile Canopy Infrared Heater (Specifications)

• Commercial/industrial grade heater
• Powder coated aircraft aluminum body and mounting brackets, stainless steel mounting hardware
• Indoor OR outdoor rated for wet or dry conditions
• Modular design for engineered heat load requirement
• Engineered for both wall and overhead mounting
• 92% energy conversion with no Co2 or NOX emission
• cCSAus listed and certified to ANSI/UL 1278, UL 2021, ANSI/UL 875 and ANSI/UL 834
Ideal for warehouses, shipping areas, security gate houses, outdoor waiting areas.

4000 Watts 
13,648 BtuH 
Covers 10' x 15' 
Floor area 10'