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  • $1,575.00

At Turnstiles.US, we’re sure you’ll find the best quality token taker for your business or compound. Our selection of token controllers are weather resistant and designed from heavy 14-gauage steel, with hinged front doors and key locks. No power is required for the token controller to work, and operating your new token taker is simple. With a powder coated finish, available in two colors, these token controllers are the best on the market. We guarantee these parking token acceptors are of the highest quality and are durable enough to withstand years of use.

The token controller easily mounts on a pedestal or can simply be applied to a turnstile face. We can also create a token controller in a custom color, for an additional fee. These token controllers only accept tokens and will reject any other currency. You can also find compatible tokens at Turnstile.US. If you’re looking for a token taker that is sure to last a lifetime, there’s no better choice than Turnstiles.US. Whether looking for a new token controller, security turnstiles or the best turnstile installation, make Turnstiles.US your only choice.

  • Housing:  Weather resistant heavy 14-gauge steel construction
  • Hinged front door with key lock
  • Mounts on pedestal for easy operation - or directly to Turnstile face
  • Powder coated finish, white or beige or additional cost for any RAL, or Stainless
  • Token Mechanism: Single token acceptance
    .900" or .984" diameter standard , other sizes available. Specify size when ordering)
  • NO power required
  • Available with optional 12 VDC lock-out coil (Model 305LC)


Operation Manual

The model 305 has a token acceptor for one size of token.
The internal mechanism can be changed to change the token acceptance size.

We also have model 305ST which is an electronic unit that is programmed by inserting a sample token in a coin clamp on the acceptor. The token acceptance size can be changed by changing the sample token in the clamp.

Model 305ST costs $471.77 more than model 305. Token Controller is a high quality, weather-resistant access control device. The controller accepts only tokens and will reject coins.

Card Readers can be added, either at the factory or in the field.


The housing shall be weather-resistant and constructed of heavy gauge steel, not less than 14 gauge. All seams and joints shall be electric bead welds.

The cabinet shall be finished with high quality primer, followed by a powder coated finish to insure lasting beauty and protection.

The token slot shall be within easy reach of the automobile driver and shall be protected by an extended hood. A push button release shall be furnished for bent tokens.

A weather resistant access door shall be provided with a key lock to service the token receptacle area.