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TPW-312BDS Double Waist High

  • $5,700.00

TPW-312BDS Double Waist High Turnstile


Vertical tripod turnstile CPW-312BDS is with bevel design, which is light and beautiful, simple and fashion; the housing made of stainless steel is durable; the mechanism adopts the dampers, with low-noise, low-power consumption, energy conservation and environment protection. 


 Excluding motor, when power on, security staff needs to put up the arms manually; after providing valid open signal, pedestrians have to push the arms manually to pass through.
 Achieve single-user throughput. Safe and reliable.
 With the strong waterproof, dust-proof ability and environmental adaptability, the turnstile is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
 Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface, RS485/RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers.