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Timer Module Switch Relay + Power Supply

  • $765.00

Timer Module Switch Relay


Power Supply 12/24 v DC/ 2Amp


Timer Time Switch Relay: CN101 DC 12V 16A Digital LCD Power Programmable

  • Rated control voltage: 12V DC/AC; Contact capacity: 16A(8)A, 250V AC
  • Advanced pre-setting one week before, digital electronic timer switch with daily and weekly programs. The digital timer is accurate to the minute, designed with either 17 ON/OFF (event) per day
  • With the built-in battery, the unit retains the programming setting even in a power outage
  • Saves energy by automatically turning on and off lamps, Christmas tree lights, fans, and other electrical devices
  • Essential for all hydroponic system, a great way to keep everything on track and promote the healthy growth of your plants and flowers.


1. Full Timer Range: 1Min-168Hours
2. Rated Voltage: 12V DC
3. Contact Capacity: 16A
4. Power Consumption: no more than 2w
5. InternalBbattery: 1.2V/40mA
(rechargeable batteries)
6. Dimensions: 60x60x32mm
7. Power Failure Memory: 60days
8. Operate Temperature: -10 to +40 C
9. Programmable: 17times/week or day
10. Minimum Interval: 1 minute
11. Key Button: clock, timer, day, h+(setting the hours), m+(setting the minutes), manual override, reset.