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T-USA Waist High ADA Gate

  • $4,000.00

T-USA Waist High ADA Gate


This heavy-duty swing gate is designed for heavy traffic and secure use, with an attractive appearance. It can be custom made to fit your installation needs. The base model includes:

•Round or square 14 gauge steel

•Heavy-duty, low profile, self-closing, adjustable hinges to assure quieter operation and prolong product life

•Stop post and striker plate

•Standard 36” passage; overall width of43”

•Longer posts for cored sinking


• Powder coat over steel
• Stainless steel
• Glass panels on the partitions
and gate
• Any size partition or rail system
to secure the entire area
• Field selectable 24V or 12V DC
800 lb. magnetic lock for use with
access controls
• Hydraulic self-closing hinge with
or without snap lock
• Floor anchors for surface