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Swing Gate Turnstile IPW-PM1000

Swing Gate Turnstile IPW-PM1000

  • $13,500.00

Intelligent Swing Gate Turnstile IPW-PM1000

Product Manual
$15,000.00 per lane

Product Description:

IPW-PM1000 is the world’s first original outdoor industrial swing gate turnstile for pedestrian and cyclist, which has filled the gap in the industry. The housing made of stainless steel is durable; the swing gate is the elastic gate, that is applicable for all-weather and multiple conditions and can withstand frequent violent collision. The internal structure of the mechanism is also original, which can make swing gate be locked completely for anti-intrusion when the gate is at hindered zero position. The mechanism modules are imported from the international top brand DC brushless motors and precise positioning encoders, so as to make sure the swing gate can rotate quickly and accurately, stably and quietly, with low-power consumption, energy conservation and environment protection.


  • Use DC brushless motor and encoder instead of servo motor to achieve precise position, to make sure that swing gate can move quickly & accurately and reduce mechanical fatigue of mechanism effectively.
  • By using 10 pairs of military level high-performance infrared sensors and exact algorithms, it can accurately detect the pedestrian’s passing position to achieve the purposes such as anti-tailgating, anti-reverse passing, anti-clamping and so on.
  • Sunlight resistance design, preventing that sunlight cause interference to infrared sensors.
  • The swing gate is the elastic gate, it can sustain frequent violent hitting by pedestrian or motorcycle on the gates.
  • Original mechanism design, IPW-PM1000 can prevent mechanism from being damaged by strong hitting on swing gates.
  • Adopt multiple anti-clamping design, such as anti-clamping by infrared sensor, mechanical anti-clamping and anti-collision by the most advanced electric current detection in turnstile industry, to maximally protect personal safety of passengers.
  • The widen lane is optional for carrying luggage and wheelchair access.

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