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mTripod Pivot-arm Waist-Height Turnstile

  • $7,295.00

mTripod Pivot-arm Waist-Height Turnstile



The mTripod three-armed barrier is the ideal access system for companies, cultural institutions, and public facilities. With its slender design, flowing lines and elegant illumination on the base and frame edge it is perfect for integration in sophisticated architectures.

But it is not just its appearance that convinces. Its inner values also impress: the mTripod redefines access control systems with an intuitive control system, an extraordinary range of functions, and future-oriented connections.


Its material

Das Material Bild

Unlike stainless steel, mDure is not cold and hard but instead feels comfortably warm and nice to touch. A friendly reception for visitors is thus prepared on entering the building.

Its design

Die Formgebung Bild

mTripod is characterized by an extremely slender silhouette, shapely form, and flowing lines. The lean design harmonically integrates itself in architecturally demanding surroundings and its aesthetic shape increases user acceptance.

Its illumination

Die Beleuchtung Bild

The frame-edge illumination (optional) not only underlines the slender design but also shows that the system is ready for passage. Floor illumination (optional) further contributes towards reliable user guidance.

  • Revolutionary design, won German Design Award 2018
  • Extensive functions and intuitive operation
  • Drop-arm mechanism (optional) permits passage during power outages or alarms
  • Ethernet plug-in module for IP connection (optional)
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles