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MRG Full Motorized Railroad Gate

MRG Full Motorized Railroad Gate

  • $13,770.00

The MRG series Railway Gates are designed for the control of pedestrian traffic through level and foot crossings, where safety and high usage is of importance.

The design of the automatic pedestrian gate is highly vandal resistant, and all components are of robust construction.
The Magnetic torque drive has a pro-tective indexing clutch and shock absorbing springs built in to prevent internal damage in case the gate is forced against its motion during its operation.
The torque motor can be stalled in any position without overheating or suffering any damage.

Torque motors always product a certain degree of heat so that there is no risk of freezing or condensation - even in cold climatic conditions.

Model Module Version Price
MRGA-C100 Right Hand - Galvanized $ 13,770.00
MRGB-C100 Left Hand - Galvanized $ 13,770.00
MRGA-C100PC Right Hand - Powder Coated $ 13,260.00
MRGB-C100PC Left Hand - Powder Coated $ 13,260.00

***ALL PRICES includes packaging***


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