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MPW (Magnetic Pedestrian Wing)

  • $12,289.00

The Magnetic Pedestrian Wing (MPW) series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas in medium to high security applications.
The gate closes immediately after passage or after an adjust-able time-out. The opening and closing time of the gate can be programmed differently depending on the size of the ob-jects. The gates can be operated in one-way or bidirectional mode.
The key component of the MPW series is the direct drive system with the MHTM™ motor. No additional gear-box is required. It offers numerous benefits including nearly noise-free operation, small dynamic forces, impact detection, al-most no abrasion and fastest opening / closing times.


Passage width 21.6 inch or 35.4 inch/ Housing width 5.9 inch

Model Module Version Price
MPW-112D-A110 Basic module standard lane $ 12,289.00
MPW-112E-A110 End module standard lane $ 16,073.00
MPW-112A-A110 Center module standard lane $ 22,966.00
MPW-112H-A110 Basic module wide lane $ 12,372.00
MPW-112K-A110 End module wide lane $ 16,155.00
MPW-112S-A110 Center module wide lane $ 23,131.00
MPW-112U-A110 Transition module standard lane / wide Lane $ 23,048.00
MPW-112Q-A110 Transition module wide lane / standard lane $ 23,048.00

***ALL PRICES includes packaging***

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