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MOB (Magnetic Optical Barrier)

MOB (Magnetic Optical Barrier)

  • $3,861.00

The MOB series is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas in low security situations - usually under surveillance. Personal surveillance is recommended as the barrier can be breached.
Compared to traditional pedestrian gates, the MOB series is based on photocells to recognize and control pedestrians entering or leaving a secured area. Neither a motor / drive unit nor moving mechanical parts are needed resulting in minimized servicing and maintenance costs. Thus, MOB gates provide a cost-effective alternative.
MOB pedestrian gates allow for bidirectional pedestrian flow and detection of tailgating, wrong way usage and crawling.

Passage width 21.6 inch / Housing width 5.9 inch

Model Module Version Price
MOB-112A-A110 Optical barrier SS304 basic module $ 3,861.00
MOB-112B-A110 Optical barrier SS304 standard module $ 6,921.00
MOB-112C-A110 Optical barrier SS304 basic and standard module $ 7,656.00

***ALL PRICES includes packaging***