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IPW-PM1000: Outdoor Swing Gate Turnstile

  • $10,000.00

▌The world’s first original outdoor industrial swing gate turnstile for pedestrian and cyclist, which has filled the gap in the industry.
▌International patented technologies: unique lossless mechanism, intelligent DC conversion, etc.
▌All-weather and multi-condition application, withstand frequent violent collision.



  • It's the world's first priginal outdoor turnstile  


  • Having realized the share use of pedestrian and cyclist


  • It's applicable for varous outdoor harsh enviroments


  • With strong impact resistance capability,it can sustain frequent violent hitting om the gates



Basic Function:


  • Anti-collision function :  When the gate is locked, it can support the impulse force within the safety range. The gate can be manually pushed slowly when it is over the safety range, to protect the mechanism and pedestrian, and then recovers automatically.


  • Open gate when the power is failure :  Adopt the leading mechanical structureby original creation; the system will unlock the gate automatically when power is off; manually push the gate to be open and convenient to evacuate people, which meets the fire requirement.


  • Emergency escape function :  Equipped with emergency escape control device, the system can automatically open the gate, easy for evacuation.


  • Anti-clamping function :

(1) Anti-pinch by infrared sensor :  Install multi-pair of infrared sensors near the anti-pinch area where swing gate is moving. Once people or thing is detected within the anti-pinch area, the swing gate will automatically stop moving; until the people or thing leaves the anti-pinch area, the swing gate will continue to move.

(2) Mechanical anti-pinch :  The swing gate will automatically stop moving when the swing gate encounter obstacles; the impulse force is within the safety range when the swing gate is moving.


  • Passing indication function :

(1) Direction indicator :  The direction indicator is installed on the top of the housing to indicate the legal passing direction.

(2) Passing status indicator :  It is installed inside the housing, indicating whether the swing gates can open after receiving the valid signal.

Product Parameters: 

Normal passing 30 ~ 45 people / min(according to the condition of pedestrians)
Evacuate passing 60 people/min(according to the condition of pedestrians)
operation temperature ﹣20℃~60℃
Rated power 100W
Power supply AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Working Environment Indoors & Oudoors
Driving motor DC brushless motor
DC brushless motor Use the encoder to make sure the swing gate position
Method of motor control Method of motor control



Bus Station, Stadium



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