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IPW-EG1000 Optical Airport E-Gate / Smart Gate

  • $48,000.00

IPW-EG1000 Optical Airport E-Gate / Smart Gate

This Customs Turnstile Gate adopts three-in-one real-name registration solution, including face recognition, certificate recognition, and fingerprint identification.

Verifying through all the aforesaid three ways simultaneously, it can only guarantee that the passenger is the runholder himself, but also guarantee that the verification is accurate and fast.

Used as the self-verification machine, Customs Turnstile Gate is suitable for various indoor applications of entry-exit ports such as airports, customs, etc.

 ▌Dimension, Material & Surface Treatment

         Appearance: Proper modifications can be made according to customer’s requirements.

         Stainless steel thickness of the cabinet: customizable within the range of 1.5~3.0mm.

         Lane width: 900mm is at the maximum, but the lane depth may be changed accordingly.

         The material of the cabinet: 304 / 316-grade stainless steel.

         Surface treatment of the cabinet: satin finish / polishing / frosted finish / electroplating / baking finish.

         The material of the swing gate: tempered glass/acrylic/ polycarbonate, and color can be customized.

 ▌System Integration

         Integrate with luggage radiation monitor and temperature detection system.

         Integrate with access control system required by customers, and built-in reader appointed by customers.

         Integrate with visitor management system.

         Integrate with a ticketing system.

         Integrate with fingerprint identification, ID card recognition, passport identification system, etc.

 ▌Direction Indicator

         The installation position of direction indicator can be adjusted.

         The pattern of direction indicator can be customized.


         Built-in or external counter

         Equipped with TCP / IP communication

         Audible and visual alarm function

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