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ioProx Wireless Receiver and Transmitters

  • $709.00

ioProx Wireless Receiver and Transmitters


Installation Manual

  • Receiver: $ 709.00
  • QTY 10 Pack:  4-Buttons Transmitter - P84WLS: $ 560.00
  • QTY 10 Pack:  2-Buttons Transmitter - P82WLS: $ 520.00

Long-Range, Secure

The ioProx Transmitter is ideal for
long-range (up to 45 m/150 ft) applications such as opening parking gates. The (2- or 4-button) transmitter is available with an optionally integrated ioProx tag, which can be read by an ioProx card reader, making it an ideal solution to access both a parking facility and an office building without searching for multiple access cards. The ioProx transmitter uses radio-frequency (RF) technology secured with encrypted coding. The ioProx Receiver is field selectable
for either 26-bit Wiegand format or for Extended Secure Format (XSF).

Easy Configuration
The receiver is field-configurable so that dip switches can be set to determine which corresponding button on the transmitter will activate the receiver. The same wireless transmitter can be used to operate up to four different receivers (one per button) located within close proximity to each other. If the receivers that are allocated to each button are out of range of the wireless transmitters, additional receivers can be configured and used with the same 4-button transmitter.

Easy Installation
The ioProx receiver can be installed using unshielded cable up to 150 m (500 ft) from the controller. Using this type of cable significantly reduces installation cost.