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Infra Red Exit - Hands free AV-T-REXLT2

  • $389.00

Infra Red Exit -  Hands free AV-T-REXLT2 (Specifications)

T- Rex Request to exit detector:

  • Zone of detection easily
  • X-Y targeting targets a specific aerea of detection
  • Unlocks or shunts door automatically
  • Hands free - No bottons to push
  • Integrated 90db local door alarm
  • Infrared detection coupled with DSP prevents false "Doors forced open" alarms
  • 4 models available

Wired and Wireless Proximity Card Readers, Battery Backup, and High Powered UPS.

Exit Detector, Tamper, Piezo, Timer, and 2 Relays. Passive Infrared, DSP Processing, Curtain Type Fresnel Lens, Detection Range: One Hand 10ft / Whole Body 20ft. 12 - 28 Vdc. 90dB at 28vDC Piezo Buzzer. Main Relay Contacts SPDT, 1A max @ 30vDC. Main Relay Timer Adjustable 1/2 to 60 Seconds. Main Relay Cycle Time (Fixed) 2/4 Second to Off. Lock Control Relay, Solid State, Normally Closed (N.C.) 2A Max, 30vDC, Timed at 2 Seconds Fixed. Tamper Switch - N.C. 100mA @ 30vDC. Indicator Light Red / Green LED. Dimensions: 7 1-.8"H x 1-3/4"W x 1-7/8"D. UL Listed, CE, FCC Listed.