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Video Vault

Video Vault

  • $4,255.00

EntraPass Video Vault



Remote Desktop Installation
Telephone Support and Complete AutoCAD Installation Documentation

Features and Benefits::

  • Pull the video needed whether a facility is open or closed
  • Provides a complete system for referencing event timelines and video clips • Store an unlimited amount of video clips
  • Organize video clips by category of events for easy reference in the future
  • Connect up to 128 DVRs (Intellex, HDVR, ADTVR) and one VideoEdge NVR
  • Archive imported video to as many as 24 pre-programmed hard drive locations
  • A .bmp image may be associated automatically with each video clip
  • Thumbnail images can be created on the first frame of each video clip
  • Enables all video clips from an Intellex alarm or an EntraPass video alarm to be automatically stored as.AVI files or Kantech Video Intellex (.KVI), Kantech Video Archive (.KVA) and American Dynamics Network Client video format (.IMG)
  • Provides a video library where clips are stored, organized and tagged for future reference
  • A simple add-on to existing software, simply purchase the license to include Video Vault to the EntraPass Software