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EntraPASS Remote Button Programmable Key Fob

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EntraPASS Remote Button Programmable Key Fob


Programmable Key Fob

The R25PL_KEYFOB Programmable Key Fob allows users to control relays by a simple push of a button through a key fob you hold in your hand.  The key fob can be used for simple on/off actions or configured for more complex actions with each button press.  

Key Fob Pairing

The R25PL_KEYFOB Programmable Key Fob can be paired with up to 40 key fobs, allowing for multiple people to have fobs to control the relay.  KFX modules reach working distances of 750 feet - a line of the site!!  The key fobs can be paired with a specific module or board.  If you have multiple boards within range the key fob will only communicate to it's paired the board.  Key Fobs can also be paired to multiple boards and if they are within range all will energize with a button push. 

You Configure the Action

When a button is pressed on the Key Fob, the KFX Receiver will send the command to the board.  You will configure what this command is!  It can be a simple toggle on/off command or complex commands including timers.  Momentary commands can easily be configured with button press and button release events.  Push a button and the relay energizes, release the button and the relay de-energizes. 
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Common Commands

  • Toggle and Momentary Commands
  • Turn Off All Relays Then Turn On a Specific Relay
  • Relay Timers: Relay Energized for a Specific Time
  • Relay Grouping: Controlling Multiple Relays Together
  • Relay Flashing Commands
  • Press & Release Commands