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Catrax Turnstile with Platform Base with a Hand Rail and Wheel

  • $8,700.00

Catrax Turnstile with Platform Base with a Hand Rail and Wheel

Developed for use in sporting events, it is the best solution for arenas and stadiums. Accepts several types of tickets.

E-Catrax Portable Stadium Automated Projected with rounded corners and with plenty of internal space inside of the column, it allows easy electronic components assembly. The access to the column is through locking key-secret, without exposed screws. Comfort pass through, with 90 degree open arm angle, to provide a soft twist and smooth the person arm impact during the passage. Reliability and safety with optical sensors and electromagnets to drive the locks, avoiding mechanical wear, increasing the equipment life time. Allows top panel customization in three different colors (injected plastic – Black, wine and green) and he stainless steel panel plate with the customer’s mark. Optional slot for barcode or magnetic card readers. Made with “U” (drawer type) bracket, which can easily be removed or replaced by the top of column, with key-secret, which makes much easier the electronic assembly and maintenance actions.



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