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CPW-622CS: Swing Gate Turnstile

  • $60,000.00

All-around Personal Safety Protection

The speedgate turnstile opens automatically to evacuate people in the event of an emergency, such as fire, power failure, etc.
Infrared and mechanical anti-clamping functions provide double protection.
The gate can be pushed slowly when a sudden impact force is applied beyond the safety range so as to protect the
machine and the pedestrian effectively.
All electric modules are designed to operate under the safety voltage of 24V, and configured with residual current
protective device to effectively avoid electric shocks.

Intelligent & Advanced Passageway Security Concept

The matrix type photoelectric stereoscopic detection technology is adopted to sensitively detect the behaviors that
threaten the passageway safety, such as illegal intrusion, reverse passing, tail-gating, and give out alarms through
sound, light, etc. The turnstile can be also linked with other security systems.

Strong & Stable Control Core

High-quality DC brushless motor is configured and advanced servo control system is carried to truly achieve precise
control, stable performance and maintenance-free.
Lossless mechanism structure based on German technology is adopted to ensure long lifespan.

Technical Parameter: 

Housing Material 304 grade stainless steel
Housing Dimension 1600×138×990mm
Surface Treatment brushed finish
Machinery Mechanism MTHTTM Lossless mechanism
Swing Gate Material Organic glass (default); tempered glass (optional)
Positioning Method Encoder
Lane Width 650 mm
Communication Interface RS485 / RS232 (default); TCP/IP (optional)
Power and Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ
The Turning Angle of Swing Gate 90° (one-way passing); ±90 (Bi-directional passing)
Evacuation Passage Speed 60 people / min (depending on the passing situation)
Working Environment Indoors
Humidity Temperature 0~95% (non-condensation)
Controlling Method of Motor DSP


Basic Function:

Memory function of passing requests: When more than 2 passing signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and opposite direction), the system will remember all the passing requests and finish them one by one. The number can be up to 255.

Automatic reset function: The turnstile will open the gate after receiving the valid opening signal when standby. The swing gate will return to the hindered zero position automatically under the following situation:

1) Within the allowed time, pedestrians have been detected in the specified direction passing the passage;

2) Over the allowed time, there is no people has been detected passing in the passage.

Passing mode switching function: The entry and exit can be set independently 【controlled mode】 /【 free mode 】/【 forbidden mode】

Self-recovery function: The swing gates do not return to the hindered zero position because of human intervention. After revoking human intervention, the gate automatically return to the hindered zero position.

Automatic adjustment function: When the turnstiles need to re-adjust because of mechanical wear, the main board can automatically adjust, accurate and convenient.

Passing indication function:

1) Direction indicator: The direction indicator is installed on the top of the housing to indicate the valid passing direction.

2) Passing status indicator: It is installed inside the housing side, indicating whether the swing gates can open after receiving the valid signal.

Compatibility: Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface, RS485/RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

Security Design:

Anti-collision function: When the gate is locked, it can support the impulse force within the safety range. The gate can be manually pushed slowly when it is over the safety range, to protect the mechanism and pedestrian, and then recovers automatically.

Emergency escape function: Equipped with emergency escape control device, the system can automatically open the gate, easy for evacuation.

Intelligent linkage alarm: Illegal traffic events can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment: such as access control systems, video management systems.


● Turnstile mechanism

●Turnstile housing (No. 304 Stainless steel at 1.5MM thickness)

● Turnstile control board

● Turnstile infrared sensors

● Turnstile motor

● Turnstile encoder

● Turnstile passage status indicators

● Turnstile direction indicators

● Turnstile motor board etc.


■ Customs

■ Government building

■ Business building

■ Clubs