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TPW-331HGS: Sliding Gate Turnstile

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 ▌14 Pairs of IR Sensors Optical Turnstiles with 24V Dry Contact Signal

With brushless DC motors and precise positioning encoder, The sliding gate turnstile can rotate accurately, stably, quietly and quickly, with low-power consumption, environment protection and energy conservation. The mechanism of CPW-331HGS is imported from Europe.

  ▌Security Design:

Intelligent linkage alarm:Illegal traffic events can be linked with other alarm monitoring equipment: such as access control systems, video management systems.

Open gate when the power is failure: Adopt the leading mechanical structureby original creation; the system will unlock the gate automatically when power is off; manually push the gate to be open and convenient to evacuate people, which meets the fire requirement.

 Anti-clamping function:

(1) Anti-clamp by infrared sensor: Install multi-pair of infrared sensors near the anti-clamp area where swing gate is moving. Once people or thing is detected within the anti-clamp area, the swing gate will automatically stop moving; until the people or thing leaves the anti-clamp area, the swing gate will continue to move.

(2) Mechanical anti-clamp: The swing gate will automatically stop moving when the swing gate encounter obstacles; the impulse force is within the safety range when the swing gate is moving.

 Anti-collision function:When the gate is locked, it can support the impulse force within the safety range. The gate can be manually pushed slowly when it is over the safety range, to protect the mechanism and pedestrian, and then recovers automatically.

 Emergency escape function: Equipped with emergency escape control device, the system can automatically open the gate, easy for evacuation.

Self-check function when power on: The system will self-check routinely and alarm when the power is on, and intelligently detect the key hardware and function. Find the hidden danger within the shortest time!

 ▌Technical Parameter: 

The turning angle of swing gate ±90°
Operation temperature -20℃~60℃
Rated Power 160W
Passage Width


550 mm

Working Environment Interior Places
Housing Material

NO. 304 stainless steel

Power and Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Communication Interface RS485 / RS232 (default); TCP/IP (optional)
Machinery Mechanism MTHTTM Lossless mechanism
Passing Speed 30 ~ 45 people/min (depending on the passing situation)
Evacuation Passage Speed 60 people / min (depending on the passing situation)
Control Input / Output 8 channels dry contact signal input / 12 channels relay control output
Humidity Temperature 0~95% (non-condensation)
Housing Dimension

(default)1600×300×990 mm

(the glass height height can be customized)


▌Custom-made Feature: 

  • System Integration


  • Integrate with access control system and built-in reader provided by customers.


  • Integrate with visitor access control system.


  • Integrate with ticketing system.



  • Customized Functions


  • Built-in or external counter


  • TCP / IP communication
  • Lane width


  • The lane width can be custom-made as larger size, andthe maximum can be 900mm, but the length might need to be changed accordingly.


  • Materials


  • The material of housing can be 316 grade stainless steel,andthe thickness of stainless steel can be customized.


  • The material of swing gate can be organic glass, tempered glass, polycarbonate board and so on, and the color can be customized.



  • Door open button


  • External door open button.


  • Install the door open button with wireless remote control.



■ Schools

■ Government building

■ Business building

■ Clubs

■ Museum