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TPW-322DS: Swing Gate Turnstile

  • $11,200.00

Operating Manual

Product Description and Features:
  • Suitable for commercial buildings, subways, airports, customs, exhibition halls, government buildings, financial institutions, clubs and other high-end indoor applications.
  • The intelligent swing gate turnstile TPW-322DS is transparent and bright, simple and elegant; the housing made of stainless steel is durable.
  • The gates are driven by brushless DC motors and a precise positioning encoder, ensuring the swing gate can rotate quickly, accurately and quietly, with low-power consumption, energy conservation, and environmental protection.
  • By using more than 10 pairs of high-performance infrared sensors and exact algorithms, the gate accurately detects the pedestrian’s passing position to sense anti-tailgating, reversing, and allow safe passage.
  • The wider lane is optional for carrying luggage and wheelchair access.
  • Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface, RS485/RS232 interface, TCP/IP interface (optional), compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

 ▌Technical Parameter: 

Machinery Mechanism MTHTTM Lossless mechanism
Housing Dimension 1600×200×990mm
Swing gate material Organic glass (default); tempered glass (optional)
Housing Material 304-grade stainless steel
Power and Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60HZ
Operation Voltage DC24V
Controlling Method of Motor DSP
Communication Interface RS485 / RS232 (default); TCP/IP (optional)
Humidity 0~95% (non-condensation)
Positioning Method Encoder
Working Environment Indoors
Control Input / Output 8 channels dry contact signal input / 12 channels relay control output


▌Custom-made Feature: 

  • Customized Functions
  • Built-in or external counter


  • TCP / IP communication
  • Materials
  • The material of housing can be 316-grade stainless steel,and the thickness of stainless steel can be customized.


  • The material of the swing gate can be organic glass, tempered glass, polycarbonate board and so on, and the color can be customized.
  • Door open button
  • External door open button.


  • Install the door open button with wireless remote control.
  • System Integration
  • Integrate with the access control system and built-in reader provided by customers.


  • Integrate with visitor access control system.


  • Integrate with a ticketing system.


  • Lane width


  • The lane width can be custom-made as larger size, and the maximum can be 900mm, but the length might need to be changed accordingly.



● Commercial buildings

● Subways

● Airports

● Customs

● Exhibition halls

● Government buildings

● Financial institutions

● Clubs