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CPW-312EF: Mini & Fullyautomatic - Mini-Tripod Turnstile

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The housing is made of high quality stainless steel,so that the turnstile is firm and durable.

At the low temperature environment, it can be installed the constant temperature system into the turnstile according to the requirement of customer.

Provide the control software for human-machine interface and SDK protocol freely. It can achieve batch control and debugging function conveniently and the expansibility is very strong.

Fine workmanship and manufacturing, strong anti damaging

▌Basic Function:

Anti-bump function : Can bear a safety margin impulse force when the arms are locked, overtop the safety scale, the arms can push forward slowly, to protect the mechanism and pedestrian.

Emergency-escape function : With the Emergency-escape controller, the systems will drop down the arms automatically, and it is convenient to evacuate the people.

Memory function of passing requests : More than 2 passing signals are given at the same time (including the same direction and opposite direction), the system will remember all the passing requests and finish them one by one.

Passing mode : 【controlled mode】/【free mode】/【forbidden mode】(The entry and exit can be set independently)

Automatic reset function : The arms will return to the hindered zero position automatically when the passing is finished, stable and no shaking.

Self-recovery function : The arms do not return to the hindered zero position because of something abnormal. And the arms will automatically recover to the hindered zero position when it is over the set time.


▌Product Parameter: 

Normal passing 20 ~ 35 people / min(according to the condition of pedestrians)
Evacuate passing 60 people/min(according to the condition of pedestrians)
Operation temperature ﹣20℃~60℃
Method of position Use the encoder to make sure the swing gate position
Driving motor Driving motor
Method of motor control Using high-performance DSP chip
Housing Dimension 400×300×526(mm)
The length of arm 510(mm)
Control input/output 6 channels relay control output/ 8-channel dry contact signal input
Communication interface RS485 / RS232;TCP/IP interface(customizable)
Working environment Indoors/Outdoors