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BE800-Z: The Beacon™ Series - Stainless Cabinet & Top

BE800-Z: The Beacon™ Series - Stainless Cabinet & Top

  • $9,892.00

The Beacon Series is our line of barrier-free pedestrian control devices. Using a non-restrictive method to control traffic flow, these “optical” units are ideally suited for office personnel entrances where the majority of the people enter using an ID card. It allows for rapid pedestrian advancement and barrier-free ADA access while preventing “tail-gating” by those without credentials. The BE800-Z features a stainless cabinet and top, trapezoidal ends, and will integrate with all standard access control equipment.

Proving not all optical turnstiles are exactly alike, the BE800-Z features a trapezoid-shaped end and color-customizable solid-surface top.

BE800-Z-P (Primary)
BE800-Z-H (Hybrid)
BE800-Z-S (Secondary)

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