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APW-TS700: Tsingla

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■ New type “blue and white porcelain” wing gate turnstile, with fan-shaped wing gate and graceful design, are the perfect combination of pursuing art, fashion and safety.

■ By using more than 10 pairs of military level high-performance infrared sensors, it can accurately achieve many functions, such as anti-tailgating, detect illegal passing, anti-clamping and anti-bruising, direction-judgment function and so on.

■ Provide the control software for human-machine interface and SDK protocol freely. It can achieve batch control and debugging function conveniently and the expansibility is very strong.

▌Product Parameter:

Housing Dimension : 1500×300×990(mm)

Lane width : 550mm

Power supply : AC100-240V,50/60Hz

Rated power : 100W

Normal passing : 30 ~ 45 people / min(according to the condition of pedestrians)

Evacuate passing : 60 people/min(according to the condition of pedestrians)

Control input/output : 12 channels relay control output/ 8-channel dry contact signal input

Communication interface : RS485 / RS232;TCP/IP interface(customizable)

Working environment: Indoors

Detailed Product Description
Driving Motor: DC Brushless Motor Method Of Position: The Encoder
Method Of Motor Control: High-performance DSP Chip Operation Temperature: ﹣20℃~60℃
Housing Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel Wing Gate Material: Organic Glass


▌Basic Function:

■ Working mode : The work mode can be customized as normally open or normally closed.

■ Anti-clamping function :

(1) anti-clamping by infrared sensor : Install multi-pair of infrared sensors near the anti-clamping area where wing gate is moving. Once people or thing is detected within the anti-clamping area, the wing gate will automatically stop moving; until the people or thing leaves the anti-clamping area, the wing gate will continue to move.

(2) Mechanical anti-clamping : The wing gate will immediately stop moving when the wing gate encounter obstacles; the impulse force is within the safety range when the wing gate is moving.

■ Self-check function when power on : The system will self-check routinely when the power is on, and intelligently detect the key hardware and function.
Find the hidden danger within the shortest time!

■ Emergency escape operation : emergency escape control device is equipped, which will open the gate automatically to evacuate people conveniently.

■ Batch setting and debug function : The turnstile can be batch set and debugged by the software. It will greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost.

■ Open gate when the power is failure : adopt the leading mechanical structure created by CMOLO; the system will unlock the gate automatically when power is off; manually push the gate to be open and convenient to evacuate people, which meets the fire requirement.

■ Compatibility : Equipped with the dry contact signal output interface,
Be compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

▌Model Applications:

office building , banks , airports , playgrounds , hotels , exhibitions , etc.