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APW-RM600: Rugum

  • $60,000.00

Detailed Product Description:

Housing Dimension: 1600×300×990(mm)
Lane Width: 550mm
Housing Material: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Sliding Gate Material: Organic Glass
Rated Power: 30 ~ 45 People / Min Evacuate Passing: 60 People/min


Full height and Elliptic plane pedestrian turnstile gate,the housing has a unique pattern, beautiful decoration., "gold" features, suitable for various elegant and high security occasions.

Stone material decorative housing cover, it is made of high quality stainless steel, The Crevice between the sliding and body are very small ,and all the internal parts are with antirust and antiseptic treatment, therefore, the turnstile is durable.

Use the DC brushless motor which is the first well-known international brand to drive the sliding gate to stretch. Good synchronism, stable operation, low noise and fast passing speed.

Product Parameter:

Power supply : AC100-240V,50/60Hz

Rated power : 160W

Opening speed of swing gate : 0.3-0.6s

The turning angle of swing gate : ±90°

Operation temperature : ﹣20℃~60℃

Working environment : Indoors

Control input/output : 12 channels relay control output/ 8-channel dry contact signal input

Communication interface : RS485 / RS232;TCP/IP interface(customizable)

Driving motor : DC brushless motor

Method of position : Use the encoder to make sure the swing gate position

Method of motor control : Using high-performance DSP chip


Basic Function:

■ Passing mode : 【controlled mode】 /【 free mode 】/【 forbidden mode】 (The entry and exit can be set independently)

■ Self-check function when power on : The system will self-check routinely when the power is on, and intelligently detect the key hardware and function.
Find the hidden danger within the shortest time!

■ Anti-clamping function :

(1) Anti-clamping by infrared sensor : Install multi-pair of infrared sensors near the anti-clamping area where sliding gate is moving. Once people or thing is detected within the anti-pinch area, the sliding gate will automatically stop moving; until the people or thing leaves the anti-clamping area, the sliding gate will continue to move.

(2) Mechanical anti-clamping : The sliding gate will immediately stop moving when the sliding gate encounters obstacles; the impulse force is within the safety range when the sliding gate is moving.

■ Self-recovery function : The sliding gates do not return to the hindered zero position because of something abnormal. And the sliding gate will automatically recover to the hindered zero position when it is over the set time.

■ Automatic reset function : The sliding gate will return to the hindered zero position automatically when the passing is finished, stable and no shaking.