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APSiM2 Plus Integrated Web-Server & Logger

  • $1,171.00

APSiM2 Plus Integrated Web-Server & Logger 


Monitor the status of Metal Detector network in real time from anywhere
 Remotely control and verify the security level across all of checkpoints instantly
 Report on number of people screened and alarm rates automatically
 No server or specialized client software required, all you need is a browser
 Optional zero configuration network for simple setup

Advanced Power Supply and Interface Module

  • Ethernet 100base-TX connection from bottom and ceiling
  • USB host and device interface
  • RS-232 interface
  • Zero Configuration Networking (Zeroconf)

The APSiM2Plus is an easy to install upgrade module that adds networking capability to Metal Detector. Centrally monitor one or more detectors to guarantee they are operational and are set to the appropriate security level for the current threat. Quickly adjust the security level as conditions change without notifying local staff or visiting every metal detector. Remotely control critical parameters and create detailed transit and alarm reports automatically.

The APSiM2Plus module allows you to protect and manage your checkpoint better while saving labor hours in the process.