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Controlled Access Waist High Turnstiles Brute Series BR5500

  • $1,869.00

The Brute™ Series units operate reliably with high traffic volumes where cost is an important consideration. Heavy 7-gauge carbon steel cabinets can be interfaced with optional LCD counters, card readers, push-button and wireless remotes. Portable units (BR5000-P) are also available. Standard colors are black, gray, and almond but custom colors are available and can be quoted upon request. As always, we offer an ADA compliant handicapped gate with this series. (BR5000-ADA).

BR5500-S (Data Sheet)   (Drawings)

BR5500-P (Data Sheet)   (Drawings)

BR5500-ADA (Data Sheet)    (Drawings)

Purchase here: 6500 Electronic Control Head

OPTIONS for ALL Controlled Access Waist High Turnstiles

  • Home Position Switch = Additional limit switch provides a SPDT output while at home  for security integration:
    $ 29.00
  • Proximity Sensor Upgrade =  Replaces limit switches with proximity sensors for part longevity.
    $ 182.00
  • Bidirectional Key Override Set for Manual/Electric 2-Way Units = Allows the turnstile to be unlocked independently in each direction with the turn of a key. 
    Available only as electronic 2-way fail open on FastPass & Executive ADA Gates.
    $ 108.00 (each).
  • Tri-color LED Light Board (Executive Series Models Only)  
    $ 108.00 (each).
  • Daylight Visible Indicator Lights = A tri-color (R/Y/G) indicator light.  Most models only use R/G. 
    $ 108.00 (each).
  • Request to Exit ADA Placard Button with Plastic Surface Mount Enclosure (rectangular).
    $ 292.00
  •  Request to Exit ADA Placard Button with Plastic Surface Mount Enclosure (round)
    $ 443.00
  •  Custom Arm Lengths = Up to 40" for ADA models only. 
    No Charge.
  • 8 Digit Key Re-settable LCD Counter with 7 Year Lithium Battery.
  • $ 243.00
  • Single Push Button (installed on site) = A normally open push button in a NEMA 4x/13 enclosure.
    $ 65.00
  • Double Push Button (installed on site) = 2 normally open push buttons in a NEMA 4x/13 enclosure.
    $ 88.00
  • One Channel 900 mhz Wireless Receiver (one per direction).
    $ 116.00 (each)
  • Wireless Key Fob Transmitter (1 button). 
    $ 119.00
  • Wireless Key Fob Transmitter (2 button)
    $ 142.00
  • FP500-C Upgrade to Bill Acceptor
    $ 829.00
  • Battery Backup = A 12ah battery kit with 2x 12VDC batteries & 2 amp 24 VDC charger.
    $ 829.00
  •  Straight Arm Instead of U-Arm = Brute ADA model only.
    No Charge.
  •  316 Stainless Steel Upgrade (may require volume of units).
    Add (per unit):  35%
  • Card Reader Mounting Option = Recessed into Lid (per lid, up to 2 readers) Only available on Executive and PTR/Z Models, speak to an associate for reader size requirements (1).
    $ 162.00


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