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Traffic H1 Swing Gate Horizontal barrier

  • $4,968.00

Traffic H1 Swing Gate Horizontal barrier

Folding articulated barrier arm Available Upon Request





  • High functionality for numerous special applications
  • Patented folding boom for safety at indoor crossings with differing lane widths
  • Low power consumption for economical operation
  • Optimum accessibility for particularly simple maintenance

As horizontal barriers, the Traffic H1 is a specialist in vehicle and pedestrian management. It is not only used for blocking access to tunnels and lanes. It exploits its full potential when controlling junctions where traffic alternates in longitudinal and transverse directions. It is therefore not only the optimal solution for road traffic but also for protecting material flows in production plants. With its patented folding boom, the Traffic H1 can therefore even block crossings where the ratio of lane widths in the longitudinal and transverse directions is greater than 2:1.

MODEL Opening Width (D) Speed  List Price
TRAFFIC H1SE-SC01000 10Ft 2s $4,871
TRAFFIC H1SE-SC01200 12Ft 2s $4,886
TRAFFIC H1LE-SC01000 10Ft 2s $5,075
TRAFFIC H1LE-SC01200 12Ft 4s $5,090
TRAFFIC H1LE-SC01500* 15Ft 4s $5,136
TRAFFIC H1LE-SC02000* 20Ft 4s $5,182

*Traffic barriers with arms over 14 feet must use a cable support

Standard barrier color:
(RAL 2000)

Standard door color:
Black-Grey (Anthracite)(similar to RAL 7021)


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