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Tandem Turnstiles AG-30-TT

Tandem Turnstiles AG-30-TT

  • $10,500.00

Tandem Turnstiles AG-30-TT



Design and purpose: The AG-30TT is a heavy duty full height high security Tandem Turnstile. A tandem turnstile is essentially two turnstiles in one and has a smaller foot print than two single turnstiles put together.

The function of the AG-30TT is to provide controlled access when entering or exiting a facility where high flow traffic is present. It can achieve this both mechanically (no access control system/software) such as a pool gate where the passage would be used for only exiting and no entry. Or electronically (with an access control system, card readers, fingerprint readers etc.) for keeping track of who is on and off site. It is constructed with American Pride right here in the USA.

Standard Features:

-Modular locking mechanism can be configured fail safe or fail secure as well as clockwise or counter clockwise.

-Key override, the turnstile can be unlocked manually by key, in either direction for service or temporary events where locking isn’t required.

-Plastic end caps on all arms

-Durable galvanized finish -All stainless-steel hardware

-Card reader mounting plates included.


  • Mechanical Locking 1 direction
  • Key Override
  • End Caps
  • Card Reader Mounting Plates

 Additional Options:

  • Powder Coating over Galvanized
  • Canopy Header w/gutter and spouts
  • Cold weather package
  • Hinged access door
  • Light Controller
  • Indicator Lights
  • Custom Passage Width.

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