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Solar Generator Kit Portable Full Height TANDEM Turnstile

  • $73,900.00

Solar Generator Kit 
(1) Portable Full Height TANDEM Turnstile

3-Arms. 2-Way Electric.
Passage Width 30".
Includes card reader plates and key override.
• A perfect solution for any event or construction site
• Forklift channels for ease of movement
• Suitable for applications high volume access and medium levels of
• Compatible with all access control and ticketing systems


  • Interior and exterior installations
  • Severe operating conditions


  • ePASS GES: (1)

    EntraPASS Global Edition Security System: this robust software
    system fills the need for any detailed security requirements. Supports
    up to 128 workstations and controls hundreds of thousands of doors.
    Embedded Subbase SQL database engine, global virtual alarm system,
    anti-passback, guard tours, and muster reporting. Integrates EntraPass
    Web (remote user platform) to manage access control, IP video,
    telephone entry and/or intrusion security assets. Supports up to 200
    concurrent logins of EntraPass Web and/or EntraPass Go. Comes
    pre-loaded on a powerful, custom programmed computer.

  • HID-RP40 SE: (4)

    MultiCLASS SE® readers are part of HID Global's access control
    platform and open ecosystem based on HID Global's Secure Identity
    Object™ (SIO), a portable credential methodology and its Trusted
    Identity Platform™ (TIP) for advanced applications, mobility and
    heightened security. multiCLASS SE® 13.56 MHz contactless smart
    card technology enables a new class of portable identity credentials
    that can be securely provisioned and safely embedded into both fixed
    and mobile devices.

  • (1) KT-400 Kit: Controller, Battery, Transformer, and Enclosure Cabinet.
  • (4) Alt-RDC: turnstile relay and base.
  • (2) Push Button Kit: Turnstile / Gate Timed-Release Button with Power Supply. Includes
    Red push button, contact block, junction box, timer, and power supply.
  • (1) Wiring package for EntraPass and Access Controls.
  • (1) EP-DTC4250e-Base: HID Dtc4250e Photo ID Printer, Base Model. Single Sided
    (2) YMCKO Cartridge w/Cleaning Roller: Full-color ribbon with
    resin black and clear overlay panel – 250 images
    (1) Logitech WebCam HD with a desktop tripod
    (1) PVC cards (box. 500) for test purpose.
  • (8) Ribbon: Fargo HID, Consumables, Ymcko With Cleaning Roller Full-color
    With Resin Black And Clear Overlay Panel Cartridge Ribbon, 250
  • (2) ISOProx II Cards: HID ISOProx II PVC Cards - PROGRAMMED ***Discounted
    26 Bit
    Facilty Code #_______ (2 digits)
    Start # ____________ (5 digits).
  • (20) Flat Lanyard
    Color: Black
    3/8" Width
    Break Away Safety Option
    NPS Swivel Clip
    (100) per bag.
  • (20) Badge Holder: 
    Clear Vinyl - Vertical - Proximity Badge Holder - 100 per pack.
  • (1) Solar Power Kit:
    Solar Power System with two days of Battery, integrated to the
    Portable EntraPASS Turnstile unit.
  • Engineering / Drafting / Programming.- This includes 1-Year Remote
    Desktop and Telephone Support.

(Freight is not included).

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