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T-2000 Series: Self Closing Swing Gate

  • $2,400.00

T-2000 Series: Self Closing Swing Gate



Mechanical and electric locking swing gates are a popular alternative to turnstiles, to control how customers enter and exit your premises. The added security of new electric locking and unlocking gates has opened up new applications. Mechanical and electric locking gates come standard with an emergency breakaway feature that allows them to meet any building and fire code regulations. 

All materials meet the ASTM standards as set forth by the materials industry.

  • The gate post is constructed out of 14 gauge DOM tube. 
  • Electric and mechanical breakaway mechanisms are made with all heat treated component parts. 
  • Arm closing: controlled by the shock absorber, for soft opening and closing.
  • An adjustable top cap assembly for speed closing control. 
  • Standard gate arm lengths for ADA compliance. 
  • Complete with white ABS sign panel and channels. 
  • Anchor bolts are hidden by a cover which snaps over the floor mounting flange.
  • Custom gate arm lengths can be fabricated.


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