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D - Gate


The D-Gate is the result of the intense analysis of global architectural and design trends associated with thorough mechanical, electrical and electronic engineering. It offers sophistication and reliability, with 90 degrees swing gate doors, which offer more comfort to the user.


► Cabinet in brushed stainless steel AISI 304 made of 0,079 in (2 mm) plate;

► Swing gate doors, in acrylic or Polycarbonate, 0,47 in (12 mm) thick;

► Internal side doors, with key locks, facilitate access for maintenance and configuration purposes;

► Dedicated microprocessor controls acceleration and deceleration of the gate movement speed, optimizing the passage flow;

► High performance silent motor;

► Encoder feedback provides precise positioning;

► Indicators for visual and audible alarm;

► Safety system – tensionless doors when an obstacle is detected;

► Anti-fraud detection with audible alarm detects attempts to “piggy-back”, unauthorized access and backward movements;

► Direction control enables two-way operation, can be configurable to work in different directions of passage;

► Anti-panic feature: in case of an emergency (no power), doors remain tensionless to grant free flow to all users

► Has large internal volumes to integrate access controller;

► Full range power input (90 to 240VAC);

► Consumption: 25W (standby) and 300W (operating)

► Upper pictogram with RGB LED high brightness, with individual brightness control for each color.;

► Front pictogram with bi-color LEDs, with individual b



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