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TPW-321AS: Swing Gate Turnstile

  • $4,200.00


Product Descripton:

  • The Swing Gate has a combination of artistic and modern elements, and it is ideal for elegant locations.
  • The Swing Gate has a wide passage width to accommodate pedestrians, users with luggage or packages
  • Suitable for business offices.
  • The Swing Gate integrates machinery, electronics, microprocessor control and a variety of identification technologies, conveniently compatible with access control systems, bar code cards and biometric equipment.
  • The Swing Gate provides a high level of security and high capacity by adopting reliable security protection devices, alarm devices, direction indicators etc.

Special Function:

Compatibility : Equipped with the dry contact signal input interface,Compatible with all kinds of access controllers.

Unique dynamic monitoring function

Batch setting and debug function : The turnstile can be batch set and debugged by the software. It will greatly improve the working efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost.

Anti-collision function : When the gate is locked, it can support the impulse force within the safety range. The gate can be manually pushed slowly when it is over the safety range, to protect the mechanism and pedestrian, and then recovers automatically.

Emergency escape operation : Emergency escape control device is equipped, which will open the gate automatically to evacuate people conveniently.

Mechanical anti-pinch : The swing gate will immediately and reversely bounce off when the swing gate encounter obstacles; the impulse force is within the safety range when the swing gate is moving.

Optical One-Way Direction Half Height Turnstiles For Airport / Office Building

Product Parameters:  

Operation voltage DC 24V
Rated power  35W
Power supply  AC100-240V,50/60Hz
Driving motor DC brushless motor
Normal passing 30 ~ 45 people / min(according to the condition of pedestrians)
Evacuate passing 60 people/min(according to the condition of pedestrians)


Model Applications:

  • airports
  • office buildings
  • banks
  • schools
  • government agencies, etc.

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